About us

On the southern shore of Hvar island, in Ivan Dolac, a little town of winemakers and fishermen, where nature’s brush painted some of its most peaceful strokes, surrounded by pines, vineyards, rocks and gravelly beaches, lie the Spila apartments.
Spila is located between two beaches, the main local beach to the east, and a gorgeous eponymous natural beach to the west. Seaside apartments, a pleasant view of the sea and neighboring islands, and an enduring tradition of tourism are there to guarantee your trust will not be misplaced.

In an environment full of green, with hundred-year-old trees of carobs and olives and a little beach in front of it, Spila apartments can be what you have always wanted from your summer vacation.

Let the smells of lavenders, rosemary, vines and pine mixed with the freshness of the sea become part of your daily lives while you are staying with us.

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