Ivan Dolac

Tourism tradition

Caric-Beljakov, the family of winemakers and fisherman, is the only autochthonous family who have been living for numerous uninterrupted generations in Ivan Dolac. The roots of tourism business in this family go back to 1965, when the small fisherman’s hut was used to host tourist ships from the city of Hvar, preparing lunches for them, with fresh fish and local wine. The following year saw work began on 6 guest rooms and that was how it all started.
Caric family had the first 6 guest rooms in Ivan Dolac since 1969, with bathrooms and a little restaurant, while the surrounding area was adapted for camping tourism, and joined under the banner of PANSION BARBA TONKO.

What is SPILA?

Spila is a cadaster locality named after a small cave above the little beach to the east of Spila apartments. We are proud of our 40 years in the tourism and hospitality industry.

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